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  1. [SOLVED] Coppermine Errors

    I stand corrected on the Coppermine 2.0, it does have a db. It's the Evo Xtreme version. Just don't try blocks from other versions or other "same" versions. Errors will occur.
  2. [SOLVED] Coppermine Errors

    Coppermine can be a little sensitive here and there. Be aware of the version you have and do not mix the sql's from one version or download with another. Also, there are a few versions you need t pay particular attention to. We will dwell on the versions that are okay for use. Disregard anything else. There is an Evo-Xtreme version out there floating around, if you use it DO NOT ADD BLOCKS FROM OTHER COPPERMINE VERSIONS. It comes with a handful of blocks and so far it appears that those are the only ones that will work with it. It doesn't matter if the version of "additional" block are the same quote "versions", DO NOT TRY IT. you will have errors out the whazzoo. Yes, DB errors as well. The stand alone version is the better way to go if you insist on using Coppermine. However, pay attention on the install it can get funky. Most of the time it will install fine. Make sure you are not uploading or downloading anything while doing the install, this also may cause a problem especially when the database is installing. If the install fails, remove everything as well as the sql files from your database. If you are looking at any red X's, this means wipe and restart. If, by chance you have another failure, go to a different website and download the program again. You most likely have a bad version. I may be wrong on this, but there is a version out there that does not utilize a database and it may be the Xtreme version. I'm not sure. However, outside of that version you should be running the standalone and in a separate directory than where your Nuke files are. Do not give people permission to upload pictures, do this yourself. If you choose not to, please make backups of your website. They will be a necessary part of your future. Coppermine has been plagued with so called, "security issues." For the most part the security issue isn't the program (again for the most part) the issue is "permissions." Every time you create an Album and give away permissions for people to upload images on to your website-webhost, you are opening the door to trouble. So be careful here and with whom you trust.
  3. Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year Everyone!!!
  4. My Testimonial...

    I guess it's been the better part of two years ago when I truly met "The Mortal" and I have to say he, in person, is just as impressive as his work. Between the person, his themes, his work, it is a privilage to know him and to be given the unique access he has allowed me into his world. Merry Christmas... Furion
  5. New To All This.

    There is a lot to learn when it comes to websites, from static html sites to truly interactive websites which are supported by a database. Learning the basic html for websites will assist you in understanding coding and how it works. Understanding the what's and why's isn't necessary at first but as you gain knowledge it will prepare you for the specifics. Like Mortal says, if you are wanting to learn this stuff you have to start with the basics.
  6. 2.0.7

    Spork do you by chance play BATTLEZONE?
  7. [NO WEBSITE] Few Problems

    In regards to the first problem about logging in, try selecting the "Compatibility" button at the top in the browser, to the right of where the url goes. It looks like a little broken page. I don't know if this will help but it's worth a try.
  8. [NO WEBSITE] Few Problems

    He may not have them in the right directory. Make sure they are in "" The default location is on the "gallery" section. On the same token he can either place them in there or place the folder here and locate it in the Avatar choice section located through his account.
  9. Back Again...

    I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and celebrated the New Year safely. I'm still around, working late watch (12 midnight to 8:00 am) has become a bit daunting. I don't get to see anyone on here much, especially when at these hours. Stay safe and take care.
  10. Back Again...

    Bangin' my head against the wall, this coding is finiky. It reminds me as to why I enjoyed WYSIWYG programs! There are so many in's and out's, this ways and that's, it's going be a painful next two months so longer, lol.
  11. Phpbb3 Modded

    The site is off line, any idea when it's going to be up again?
  12. Back Again...

    Sounds good!!!
  13. Back Again...

    Hey guys, I'm back again! Life has a way of getting in the way of these things, please understand. I have recently started learning theme coding and are using the videos over on evolution-xtreme to guide me in my education. Any input on this? I'm hoping to have a theme coded and up for use within the next two months or so. I hope to get a lot of input from you guys as well as the guys over at the Xtreme site. As talented as you all are, I'm sure to get a good education and steered in the right direction. Mortal, I am learning the hair pulling mistakes the graphics people make and have adjusted the first of my themes at least a dozen times. I'm still a bit lacking in the creation of nice looking side bars tho. I think you have the corner marketed on that! BTW, Nice BF3 and Diablo 3 Themes!!! I'm working on a Diablo 3 theme currently and will have to show it to you soon!!! It's not original work tho, a lot of credits will be placed on the front of the theme, lol. Anyways I'm back until life pulls me away again. I can be reached either on msn as or yahoo messenger as furion_relic Thanks and good seeing you all again! Furion
  14. [SOLVED] Application Module

    The MA module is pretty straight forward and has some good options. Read through the module carefully and you will get a good feel of it. You can post what ever questions you want, add different applications for different positions, link them to your forums etc. I've messed with it quite a bit, let me know if you need some help.
  15. The bot has more IP's than that, blocking the whole country is the simpler answer.

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