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Welcome to Realm Designz Chat Rooms added to Website. General or Themes Rooms! RD Themes Public and Commercial Coming Soon! DD Themes Public and Commercial Coming Soon as well!

Welcome to the Realm Designz NEW Website

"The Mortal" here. I am working on getting all of my PUBLIC and COMMERCIAL themes into the downloads section here on the website. I've been working on RE-Coding all my themes. So keep an eye out for the announcement updates.

GenasiICE v3.0 Theme for Xtreme 2.0.10 Released!

The 1st RD Theme for Xtreme 2.0.10 has been release today (April 26th). The theme uses Lonestar's NEW template themes files, which were coded by him. I did NOTHING, just merely entered words and numbers. To be honest, NOT sure if more themes will be released though. Depends on if there is interest in 2.0.10 themes or not. I (The Mortal) will be the only one to port any of my RD Themes to Xtreme 2.0.10. So please DO NOT port my RD 2.0.9F Themes to 2.0.10!

Realm Designz now owns all DD Themes

Now that Realm Designz owns all of the DD Themes (Detailed Designs), I will be slowly working on RE-Designing the flash themes to work with Evolution-Xtreme CMS Software. This is going to be a difficult task as all of the themes are heavy with flash & redesigning the themes can break the theme. So keep an eye out for the announcement updates.
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