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Toggle %s [Flaghack Fix] Rd-Gamerblackv2, Rd-Tritech & Rd-Darkicegen

Posted By:  TheMortal @ 29 July 2015 - 01:55 PM

Hey Everyone,


                Just wanted to let everyone know a bad piece of code that the Xtreme Dev Team applied to thier Xtreme v2.0.9d CMS Software was found to b a problem for Chrome browsers and slightly with Firefox browsers. This problem has been in the Xtreme CMS Software for some time and was just brought to my attention by... Juantus.


So, I am letting u all know that I have FIXED the code and the Members List page now displays fine with Chrome & Firefox browsers. The following themes I have updated here on the site in the downloads page.


- RD-GamerBlackV2

- RD-TriTech

- RD-DarkIceGen


See Changelog.rtf File in ZIP

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Toggle %s Rd-Darkicegen Upgraded To V2.8

Posted By:  TheMortal @ 27 February 2015 - 10:44 AM

Hey Everyone,

I finished upgrading the DarkIceGen theme to v2.8, which is now an HD version. U should re-download the new version.

Now following these steps, which is also in the README Please.rtf file...

Sorry, but due to the code changes u need to do a FRESH CLEAN Install of this version!

1. UPDATED: Main theme.php updated with new code.
2. UPDATED: Changed code for HD version.
3. RECODED: Re-Coded Logo.jpg --> Text_Logo.png & Re-Code for New Logo Style.
4. RECODED: Changed Announcements to a CSS3 Marquee style.
5. RECODED: Flash Nav button sound removed.
6. RECODED: News box bottom height updated for HD version.
7. RECODED: Forum TPL files recode for use of the NEW ForumOT code style.

If u have any questions or find any issues, do let me know, ok

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Toggle %s Rd-Tritech Upgraded To V1.5

Posted By:  TheMortal @ 03 January 2015 - 10:32 AM

Hey Everyone,


           I finished upgrading the RD-TriTech theme to v1.5 now. U should re-download the new version. This is an HD version now.


Now following these steps, which is also in the README Please.rtf file...


[1.5 UPGRADE INSTRUCTIONS]  Use the... UPGRADE.1.0_to_1.5.zip to Upgrade to v1.5
To upgrade your the theme from v1.0 to v1.5 follow these steps.

1. UNINSTALL the RD-TriTech Theme.
2. Make the chromo theme the site default theme.
3. UPLOAD the... "themes" <-- FOLDER that is in the UPGRADE.1.0_to_1.5.zip
4. INSTALL the RD-TriTech Theme.

Following these steps should give u a fully functional v1.5. Keep in mind that u can
turn OFF the following features now. These r all changeable via the Adv. Theme Options

1. Flash Navigation or Drop-Down Navigation System.
2. Fixed or Full Width Changeable. (currently set at 94%)

3. Flash Sides. (Turned OFF/ON via ATO)


Drop-Down Navigation Buttons Changed via the HDRnavi.php. Read the Header_Navigation_README.rtf


If u have any questions or find any issues, do let me know, ok

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Toggle %s Rd-Gamerblackv2 V3.1

Posted By:  TheMortal @ 16 December 2014 - 09:27 AM

Hey Everyone,


                 Just wanted to let u all know that there is another fix for the RD-GamerBlackV2 theme. It fixes the "Announcements" code for Google Chrome compatibility now. The Evolution, Xtreme and Raven Nuke versions have been updated, so re-download the theme.


RD-GamerBlackV2 theme and use the... RD-GamerBlackV2-PATCH_UPDATE.v3.1.zip


Previous fix, it is a very minor fix. The fix is regarding to web sites who allow space code in the USERNAME.


Re-Download the RD-GamerBlackV2 theme and use the... UsernameNewsCopyright.FIX-29.Dec.2014.zip


Simply upload the "themes" folder to your ftp server.

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Toggle %s Image Repository Released

Posted By:  Lonestar @ 18 November 2014 - 11:04 AM

I have released my new Image Repository module.
To download simply visit my site and retrieve it from my downloads section


Be sure to do the updates located in the Zip folder in order to get 100% from this module.
This Module is for use with Nuke Evolution Xtreme & Raven Nuke Only.
If anyone has any trouble installing this module, just let me know, i will get it sorted for you.
Developer note:
If you find any bug or simply have a request for this module, Please post on my site and not on here, As i would like to keep it all in one place.
Thank You.
Screenshots:  Attached


Attached Thumbnails

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