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Since there are no Websites, Users, Verified Members, Official Xtreme CMS Site and Modules Website that no longer supports RD Themes and/or the RD Website. I have OFFICIALLY decided to SHUTDOWN Realm Designz for good.

The website will still be working and you will be able to login. You will only be able to post in 1 Forum. Downloads section and everything else will be shutdown to regular members. Private Messages will also be shutdown to regular memers as well. If your a
Verified Member (
Customer) of Realm Designz, you will still be able to download your purchased themes in the RD Shop and be able to access the Commercial Forums Section.

I will still continue to do Evolution-Xtreme Themes in the background, but that will be about it. Will also be updating all my themes as well.

Realm Designz has OFFICIALLY SHUTDOWN for good as of Friday, 10th August, 2018


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Found 5 results

  1. Hey Everyone, I finally finished RE-vamping the DarkROT theme to... DarkROTv3, which is a Digital HD Theme. Its meant for high res systems. It can be viewed with screen resolutions of... 1280px (width) -to- 1920px (width). This theme has been a Commercial theme, but I am finally releasing it as a PUBLIC theme now. PS: The SinCity Theme is next for Public Release, so keeps your eyes open! So Enjoy Everyone
  2. Hey Everyone, We just released a NEW Battlefield 4 Military Clan Theme for the Evolution-Xtreme CMS Software and is in the downloads section now as a featured theme for download.
  3. released Rd-Stellarg V2.0 Hd

    Hi Everyone, "The Mortal" here, I am releasing the RD-StellarG v2.0 HD Theme as a PUBLIC theme today. It's available for both the... Nuke-Evolution v2.0.7 and Evolution-Xtreme v2.0.9x CMS Software's and can be found in the downloads section. I will port it over to Raven-Nuke as well and get that added to the download section in a few days. Below is a screenshot of what the design looks like. ;) :D
  4. Hi Everyone, Wanted to let everyone know that I finally got both the MilitaryCLAN and GamersCLAN themes Released and r now in the RD Shop! Both themes r as follows... RD-MilitaryCLAN (Battlefield 4) Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Arma III Included http://www.realmdesignz.com/store/product/41-rd-militaryclan-theme-hd-xtreme/ RD-GamersCLAN (Call of Duty: Black Ops III) Battlefield 4 Graphics Package Included http://www.realmdesignz.com/store/product/44-rd-gamersclan-theme-hd-xtreme/ [FEATURES] - Optimized Theme & CSS Code - Both FIXED & FULL Width Design - Call of Duty: Black Ops III Graphics Package Included - Battlefield 4 Graphics Package Included - Arma 3 Graphics Package Included - IMG Gallery for game screen shots. - Youtube Video Gallery - Background IMG Selector - Social Tabs. - Dual Navigation System (Selectable Via Advanced Theme Options). And much more! [RESOURCES] - Text_Logo PSD - Avatar PSD - Ranks PSD And much more! *** MUST Be Logged into Site to View Themes in RD Shop! ***
  5. (The Mortal) has finally released the RED color version of the Centrium-ShellzV5 design that he designed over 4 years ago. This color version has been in the vault all this time and has been finally released. The Centrium-ShellzREDV5 v5.0 HD. ;) :D Both flavors were done.... RavenNuke, Evolution and Xtreme