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The Realm Designz website software has been upgraded along with the theme. We are now back ONLINE and will be releasing some NEW themes in the upcoming weeks, so keeps tabs on the announcements for them.

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  1. Hello

    Hello Nascar, I like the website, I did register under my first name, Justin. I have a module development website just starting up, so if you need any custom modules feel free to either come here, or to -Justin
  2. Hey Guys

    I'm back till it's time for the army! You're stuck with me :P
  3. Hey Guys

    Hello everyone, I have actually been on this website for a few years now. Just been really inactive do to life. For the newest members I will give a background: My name is Justin Frieling. I have been coding PHP for a couple of years now. I have recently joined the army, and I leave for basic training in April to Fort Sill, OK. Still a computer gamer/coder all the way. Mortal, I have a small request. Could you PM me the prices for a custom theme for nuke? Thanks everyone, Frieling

About us

It was 2000 when Evo-Themez was born to "The Mortal" & "Shellz". It all started with theme conversions by both of us, but then after the critical accident to me, "Shellz" took over all of the theme conversions. 3 years later Realm Designz was born and officially opened to the public. It's main purpose was graphic designs. Designing PhpNuke style themes for Nuke-Evolution, then after a while came Evolution-Xtreme. Then devastating tragedy struck me, Shellz died on the night of 25th Dec, 2005, a major blow to the Nuke-Evolution Community. Things will never be the same without her.

Today in 2018 Realm Designz is still alive and kicking, doing graphic designs. Custom, Public and Commercial designs for the PhpNuke, Nuke-Evolution, Evolution-Xtreme and RavenNuke CMS Software. We also offer our services for installation & setup of the Content Management Software for those who need assistance with it. We also help those who might need assistance with getting their website fixed and/or optimized so that it runs smoothly. Today the preferred Evolution-Xtreme version to go with would be Xtreme v2.0.9D-PHP5.6.

If you do not have a registered account here on Realm Designz, register today. For those who have a website and would like a custom theme designed, hit up... The Mortal

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