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Since there are no Websites, Users, Verified Members, Official Xtreme CMS Site and Modules Website that no longer supports RD Themes and/or the RD Website. I have OFFICIALLY decided to SHUTDOWN Realm Designz for good.

The website will still be working and you will be able to login. You will only be able to post in 1 Forum. Downloads section and everything else will be shutdown to regular members. Private Messages will also be shutdown to regular memers as well. If your a
Verified Member (
Customer) of Realm Designz, you will still be able to download your purchased themes in the RD Shop and be able to access the Commercial Forums Section.

I will still continue to do Evolution-Xtreme Themes in the background, but that will be about it. Will also be updating all my themes as well.

Realm Designz has OFFICIALLY SHUTDOWN for good as of Friday, 10th August, 2018



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  1. update Veva Designz

    First of All I Didnt Know Where To Post This So Im Posting It Here, Just Wanted To Let Everybody Know That Veva Designz Url Has NOW Changed, My .com Expired And For Some Unknown Reason I Couldnt Re-New The .Com, So I Purchased .UK Domain, So For All Of You That Used veva-designz.com PLEASE Update Your Bookmark To https://vevadesignz.uk Thnx Veva