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Since there are no Websites, Users, Verified Members, Official Xtreme CMS Site and Modules Website that no longer supports RD Themes and/or the RD Website. I have OFFICIALLY decided to SHUTDOWN Realm Designz for good.

The website will still be working and you will be able to login. You will only be able to post in 1 Forum. Downloads section and everything else will be shutdown to regular members. Private Messages will also be shutdown to regular memers as well. If your a
Verified Member (
Customer) of Realm Designz, you will still be able to download your purchased themes in the RD Shop and be able to access the Commercial Forums Section.

I will still continue to do Evolution-Xtreme Themes in the background and release them in the RD Shop, but that will be about it. Will also be updating all my themes as well.

Realm Designz has OFFICIALLY SHUTDOWN for good as of Friday, 10th August, 2018


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  2. Flash Theme Changes-ChromoBlue

    Awesome, Thank you.
  3. Flash Theme Changes-ChromoBlue

    Hey Rain, All of my Chromo versions will be changed to use my Drop-Down Navigation System. I will notify u once I have it completed, ok.
  4. Earlier
  5. Hey m8, sorry to see you close up, Just a question regarding you're theme ChromoBlue that I've had for ages, i would like to have it updated to no flash as i seen in the other post you maybe doing to you're theme's in the future and also have some edits an changes made to it to suit a project i'm working on, are you able to help in this matter or not ? happy to make a donation or pay for a new design of it cause i would like some changes made if possible, i did make a post on evolution-xtreme site for help but its encrypted that's why i'm posting here. Thanks
  6. Sorry to see you go

    awww WHAT! Where am i going to get all the best themes now?!? I cant even see the download section now :( Sad to see you go Harry.
  7. Sorry to see you go

    Hey Dave, Its really good to see and hear from u. I knew this would come one day. Was just a matter of time. With NO support, it was best for Realm Designz to simply shutdown. Like the message states, I will still do Xtreme Themes, but in the background. Only Verified Members will be able to access the RD Shop and Downloads section still. I will be adding new themes to the RD Shop once I finish them. Will also be updating my other themes that really need it. Want to remove ALL the FLASH from them. I might code a page here on the site that will have screenshots of all the Commercial Themes, just in case some might want to purchase a commercial theme, which would give them access to the RD Shop and Downloads section. Cheers,
  8. Sorry to see you go

    I was just about to ask if you wanted to trade links of our sites, then seen you are pretty much shut down. I really really appreciated the work you done as it is nearly impossible to find great themes for EVO, but I do know how you feel as with your site and mine and many other personal sites are being ignored, and these sites is where I have found the most creative work done, unlike that silly Facebook where people seem to spend their life? P.S. I literally came to copy your Link To Us code to my site, so let me know if you still wanna work something out, I would gladly purchase a really cool theme, I have not given up yet, but also have had many thoughts of shutting down! Thanks again for all your great work Dave
  9. announce RD Clan Roster Module

    Interesting Topic, I wish I could have been privy to the conversation a bit more.
  10. Hey Everyone, I finally finished RE-vamping the DarkROT theme to... DarkROTv3, which is a Digital HD Theme. Its meant for high res systems. It can be viewed with screen resolutions of... 1280px (width) -to- 1920px (width). This theme has been a Commercial theme, but I am finally releasing it as a PUBLIC theme now. PS: The SinCity Theme is next for Public Release, so keeps your eyes open! So Enjoy Everyone
  11. RD-DarkROTv3 (XTREME)

    RD-DarkROTv3 (XTREME) View File A Very Nice Dark Black W/Blue Styled Design for Evolution-Xtreme v2.0.9x CMS Software. Upgraded to v3.0 ( This is a Digital HD Theme! ) CREATION INFO Created On: 26th June, 2018 (v3.0) Public Version Created On: 11th September, 2014 (v2.0) Commercial Version Created On: 20th June, 2008 (v1.0) Commercial Version Submitter TheMortal Submitted 06/29/2018 Category Public Xtreme 2.0.9 Themes  
  12. update RD-TheDark v2.0 HD

    Hey Everyone, Just wanted to let you all know that the... RD-TheDark theme has been updated to v2.0 and is also an HD version for 720p & 1080p systems.
  13. Just wanted to let everyone know that I am currently working on the... DarkROTv2. it is currently a Commercial theme, but is being RE-vamped with a better look. This theme will be released as a PUBLIC theme.
  14. RD Clan Roster Module Status, I read a forum post on Lonestar-Modules website where Lonestar has taken full claim to coding the entire module. I've talked with "Frieling" the RD Developer who originally designed and coded the module. This is what I asked him and he replied back with this info... 1. Did you design & code the RD Clan Roster Module or Lonestar ? [ Answer ] Its Lonestar's claiming words against Frieling. In my opinion teaching someone some code techniques DOES NOT give a person the right to take full claim of the module. 100% Solid Proof would have to be shown of this claim. So with that said, I decided to take down the RD Clan Roster since its way outdated. Just going to do without having one. INFO UPDATE ( 10th June, 2018 ): I've compared code from Core-Functions File and they are NOT the same as Lonestar's Modules whatsoever!! So the RD Clan Roster Module has been RE-Activated and your allowed to download again.
  15. update Veva Designz

    First of All I Didnt Know Where To Post This So Im Posting It Here, Just Wanted To Let Everybody Know That Veva Designz Url Has NOW Changed, My .com Expired And For Some Unknown Reason I Couldnt Re-New The .Com, So I Purchased .UK Domain, So For All Of You That Used veva-designz.com PLEASE Update Your Bookmark To https://vevadesignz.uk Thnx Veva
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